Owner's Representation

Service Overview

When you hire ATF Builders as the owner’s representative, our knowledgeable team serves as your eyes and ears through the
project’s life –from concept to close-out. We assure you that your interests and project goals are represented in all design stages.
That construction is completed on time, within the available funding parameters, and in conformance with the standards you
define. We collaborate with the architect, interior designer, and construction team to ensure your project stays on schedule and

Our Owner Representation services include:
  • Site Development Evaluation – We perform feasibility studies, zoning analyses, and cost viability to recommend the most economical and constructible components and approaches.
  • Construction Cost Estimating and Budget Management – Based on our valuation, we will then recommend the Client establish a budget while providing value engineering to ensure the project is completed within funding parameters.
  • Owner/Contractor Agreement Requirements – ATF Builders, reviews all contracts, oversees all workflows, enforces
    agreement requirements, and ensures contract compliance for all trades involved with the project.
  • Value Engineering and alternate strategies – We provide feedback during the design phase to help reduce cost(s) and
    change order potentials.
  • On-Site Representation – ATF Builders performs kickoff meetings, safety orientating meetings, and site walkthroughs to
    ensure quality assurance/quality control and that all work is being performed in conformance to the plans, maximum industry standards, and the Florida Building Code.

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