Design-Build Services

Service Overview

ATF Builders’ design/build service provides an integrated approach that merges the role of the architect and the construction
manager into a single entity. Our years of experience as a construction manager forms a strong foundation for our design/build
services. We invest an equal devotion into design/build projects as we do to our other construction management initiatives,
devoting top quality staff, management systems, and resources. We draw upon our experience working with Miami’s leading
design firms to create an integrated design/build team personalized to your project’s specific parameters and goals. We employ a
project team comprised of key personnel with thorough knowledge and experience in the type of project you’re building. We
place a senior-level executive in an active role to manage the overall effort. Our design/build service contract covers architecture,
engineering, and construction services. This turnkey solution covers all aspects of design and construction management and
offers a unique platform to save you time and money.

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